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Elvis Presley Elvis Presley is, of course, the acknowledged King of contemporary music. Whichever version of The King we choose to remember, whether it's the dynamic, gyrating upstart who took the world by storm in 1956, the charismatic and underrated actor who appeared in over 30 successful feature films or the extraordinary stage presence that was his Las Vegas live performances in the Seventies, it's clear there was and will only ever be one "King".
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A.L. Owens
Abner Silver
Ben Weisman
Bernie Baum
Bert Carroll
Bill Giant
Charles O\'Curran
Dallas Frazier
Doc Pomus
Don Robertson
Dudley Brooks
Elvis Presley
Florence Kaye
Fred Karger
Hal Blair
Jay Ramsey
Jerry Livingston
Mort Shuman
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